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China Internship program is targeted at Young graduates seeking international Internships in China. All programs are targeted at Graduates who are looking to polish their skills, building robust features and getting them ready to face global challenges squarely.  The purpose of our programs is not only targeted at the performance of our participants in the job market.

We are humbled by the opportunity to be serving future Global Leaders and Business Executives. There is a degree of variation to the content of service depending on some features of the participants.

We render services to Chinese Nationals as well as International Graduates. Check the pages below for vivid description of the categories you fall under

Internship for Chinese Abroad

International Internships for Chinese

We have over the years carved industry respect for our interns and that our partner organizations respect us for producing hardworking and industrious participants. By joining our program, we brand our participants to fit properly into allocated Host companies and job descriptions.

Join us and Get branded into the class of distinguished International graduates.