Volunteering projects

Volunteer in China CIP Volunteering Programs has a lot of variety of affordable volunteer abroad projects scattered all over China. Our programs provide Volunteering in most sectors ensuring that participants get exactly what they want. Whether looking to volunteer in Sports, Teaching, Childcare, Animal Care etc, we got all that. We can also arrange personalized and customized meaningful volunteering programs.

Childcare and Management

CIP Childcare and Management volunteers provide assistance in a range of environments – community centers, day care centers, orphanages, afterschool programs and feeding programs. Duties vary depending on the specific placement but generally involve giving personalized attention, mentoring, providing educational support, playing games and assisting with daily operations, such as cooking and cleaning.


The impact of education is boundless and the influence our Teaching volunteers have on the communities we work in goes well beyond the classroom. Whether teaching English, other subjects or working on extracurricular activities, the students are eager to learn and participate. Volunteers may teach independently, provide support to local teachers or team up with other international volunteers in traditional classrooms, tutoring programs, community centers, special needs facilities, and orphanages.

Medical and Health

Our Medical and Health volunteer projects provide international volunteers of different experience levels with the opportunity to work alongside local healthcare professionals and/or teach healthcare education to local communities. Based on volunteers’ current medical qualifications and where they choose to volunteer, volunteers are placed in a range of settings – clinics, hospitals, assisted living homes, hygiene and public health campaigns, special needs facilities and home care. Work and independence in Medical projects depend on volunteers’ specific experience and qualification levels. 

Wildlife and Animal Care

CIP Wildlife and Animal Care projects are focused on habitat conservation, volunteers have the unique opportunity to maintain natural landscapes, learn wildlife conservation techniques, as well as study and monitor native and endangered animals. The projects focused on animal shelters provide support to local organizations in feeding, caring and playing with the animals as well as helping with cleaning and facility maintenance.

Environment and Conservation

A range of different causes are represented within our Environmental and Conservation volunteer projects, including work in marine, coastal and jungle settings, as well as in sustainable organic farming. The work is perfect for volunteers who don’t mind getting dirty and challenging themselves. Tasks and duties are varied and heavily dependent on the type of project volunteers choose, as well as the seasonal needs and initiatives at their placement.

Construction and Renovation

The improvement of local infrastructure provides instant benefit for the communities we work in. Our volunteers work alongside locals to build new structures for community use, renovate existing community buildings and improve civil infrastructure initiatives. Often construction projects are undertaken to support the placements in which CIP volunteers work, including orphanages, schools,?? community centers and recreational facilities. The specific tasks of volunteers will vary depending on the location, community needs and the different phases of construction work.

Arts and Music

Volunteers with a creative flair or an interest in the arts have the chance to share their talents and teach their skills with local communities while immersing themselves in a new creative environment with different cultural influences. Whether it’s adding a personal touch to costume design or teaching music and dance to eager learners, there’s plenty of opportunity for expression and fun.


Sports have long served many purposes to mankind – competition, training, exercise, a positive outlet and even a way to interrelate despite cultural and language barriers. While volunteering abroad with CIP, Sports volunteers have the opportunity to coach, mentor and play a range of sports with local students or community members. This may also involve the chance to learn a new sport or teach one to others. The settings include afterschool programs, school courses, and recreational groups and the sporting activities vary by location.

NGO Support

The positive initiatives and impact made by NGOs are often limited by their financial and staffing resources, particularly in developing countries. Volunteers’ experience and contributions help to further the organizations’ goals and broaden their reach in the community. Volunteers may take on a range of tasks which include, but are not limited to, general administration, IT, grant writing, research, fundraising and teaching English.

Community Development

Community Development projects offer a variety of opportunities for international volunteers that are often unique to the location they are set in, but the shared purpose is to improve the circumstances of local communities. The work is often quite mixed and requires the initiative to get projects off the ground as well as interaction with different groups of people.

Elderly Care

The responsibility of caring for the elderly is often left to social services if families cannot provide adequate support to their elders. Our Elderly Care projects are well suited to caring and patient volunteers who are comfortable in assisting with a range of duties within elderly care centers. Volunteer work varies by location but can include recreation and stimulation, feeding, physical therapy, as well as help with cleaning and maintaining facilities.

Special Needs Care

The well-being of people with special needs is often left to social services if their families do not have have the ability to care for them. Our Special Needs Care projects are best suited to volunteers of a caring and compassionate nature who are patient and open to helping with a range of duties. Volunteer work varies by location but can include feeding, care, physical therapy, education, recreation, and stimulation, as well as help with cleaning and maintaining facilities.