High School Program

Prices, Dates and Program Components

High School Program Fess

  • Admission into our high school program
  • Chinese Language Study Tuition, books, Certificates
  • Visa Consultation and documentation
  • Full housing over the duration of the program
  • 3x meals
  • Insurance
  • Social Activities and Trips
  • Airport pick up and drop off:
    • Welcome package: City map. Transport card. Mobile phone, Sim card, Orientation
    • Business Classes and Seminar
    • Pre-departure advising and optional on-site airport meet and greet
    • Full-time program leadership and support
    • Travel & Tour to historical sites with cultural activities
  • CIP Insurance card which provides insurance and other travel benefits (Only program with this feature)
  • Access to CIP Opportunity Network



(4 Classes Per day)


(6 Classes Per day)

2-3 weeks $2990 –¬† $3980
4 weeks $4990
5  Р8 Weeks $5500 Р$ 6580
Semester and Year Programs Available Available
Aside from high School language and immersion programs, we allow combination with an internship. Do you want to start your career while in high school? Join other high school participants to an International experience mission. Check out our High School Internship Program