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Just as the famous Saint Augustine said, “the world is a book and those who do not travel read only a page”. I found this to be true on my Internship Project with CIP. It is an account I would like to give and could never finish. I tried some of these into articles on some travel blogs, I wished my visa never expired and my family never keep asking me to come back home J after extending it for a month of jolly cruising ride and Tour.

I decided to do some internship in China after graduating from the university of Newcastle in Civil Engineering. Haven searching around for local jobs and getting frustrated, I decided to trip China to gain the experience that all employers keep asking during interviews. I am grateful my family did support this idea.

I chose CIP as an agent upon recommendation from a friend who once participated in this program. This experience probably had the biggest impact on my personal side. I′ve experienced coming to a city, I′ve never been, alone and being in a culture I haven’t met before. All this I think made my independent skills even stronger. Getting through the first week wasn’t very easy for me because of the unfamiliar. I don’t wish to portray here that it is the food I love, but my Welcome dinner with CIP staff was really an ice-breaking session.

I came for engineering internship in a well established Chinese company in Beijing for 6 months. I was arranged for 6 months internship, Language study and some business classes to know about Chinese business model since I was and is still interested in doing business in China. This company adopted very contemporarily and state of the art approaches to managing their company. They hired some foreign expats as staff and work culture was just like the west. It is amazing to see Chinese companies practice western approach to organizing while life after work is all about Chinese culture. The company sources contracts within and outside China and their reputation are solid internationally.

I was given a One-week orientation and training to fit into the department in Charge of Designing Intelligent Transportation Systems for countries and cities. They provide services relating to different modes of transport and traffic management. The department uses Information and communication Technology to plan transport networking. During my internship, I worked under a Supervisor who was ready to make me a real engineer. This was his promise to me on the first day I met him in the Coffee Yard.

I was happy for this opportunity because China despite its huge population has a well designed efficient transportation system which is worth studying about. The placement practically got me to know more.

I was involved in preparing bids for tenders and some project supervision tasks. I learnt and mastered How to prepare good bids to win international contracts. This makes me feel like a giant because I was never taught how to deal with this while in School.

I got to know how to use Emergency vehicle Notification procedures, How to development Automatic Road enforcements, CCTV systems and to use other Intelligent transport Technologies. I also learnt the basics of safety issues used to design the Chinese subway system.

Every engineer could judge how valuable this experience is going to be for me. CIP gave me a very wonderful supervisor who was doing a fantastic supervision.

No program is perfect and as such I don’t expect this to be very perfect. It took me a while to agree to the offer. My internship placement was changed twice before I finally settle for this one. I got frustrated in the process as I lost trust for the agency, but I got to realise that it is rather a stronger feature of their service because, the client have a say in deciding what eventually they settle for.

It is not easy getting paid placements for students in China when there are numerous young graduates willing to render such services for free. But to whoever is coming to China, I will recommend CIP as a sure way. Don’t miss it !!

There is this quote that my language tutor taught me which is “wherever you go, go with your heart” this is a quote from Confucius a very important figure in Chinese history. It is only when we do this that we will realise the full benefits of the purpose. Cultural shock is real!! Let’s get prepared as we go abroad for those expensive experiences that our own local companies are not prepared to give us.

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