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Ann Leonard

Initially, I did fear that I would not meet expectations given the high caliber of the people and projects I worked on. However, everyone was more than happy to help me get up to speed and more. The challenge is there, but I don’t feel entirely on my own. This is my definition of a good internship”. –Ann Leonard (Ohio University)
I studied Environmental Science and Policy Management in Ohio University. Haven completed my First degree, I decided to gain a much intense skill dealing with serious projects. In the first place, no continent in the world is battling environmental degradation in the world than Asia. Asia is facing serious environmental challenges posed by aggressive economic growth. China’s most important city is no exception and for the past decades, Beijing has been suffering from massive environmental degradation including massive pollution. This sets the tone for my decision to intern in China.

I finally selected CIP to help with the placement and I was allocated to an organization with a mission to promote sustainable development and green growth. Headquartered in Beijing, they are the gateway for foreign cleantech companies to China’s green business and environmental market. They organize international conferences and outreach events, receiving and sending trade missions between countries, commercializing Chinese and foreign cleantech in China, and conducting research in sustainable development and green growth models. They also contribute to the discourse of influencing Chinese Green Economy Policies through a variety of lobby activities.

This is exactly what I was interested in so I did not waste much time before accepting the offer. My duty for the first 3 months was to conduct research and interpret results and prepare presentations for international conferences. Organize logistics for international conferences and during my internship, so many conferences were organized between Israel, Singapore, Spanish and UK governments and China. As the official organization in charge of green environment in China, we played a vital role in the delivery of these conferences. Out of these researchers and policy analysts, I was supposed to spot opportunities worth exploiting and write a proposal that is actionable. These are some of my personal contributions to the company.

Over the other half of the Internship, I plan travel logistics and schedule for business delegations to International governments and companies, Support visiting partners and on-site visits to clients; and also engage in some lobby meetings.

Why I am so poised about this internship is that I worked on famous international projects such as those funded by UNIDO, UNEP, China Green Carbon foundation and Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. These experiences will live with me forever and I think my International environmental agenda will happen live!

For China Internship Placements, I entertained some doubts from the beginning. I was hesitant in paying so much to them, but this was later solved. I was not sure whether I was doing the right thing. I think that they should be able to offer a proper guarantee for such huge sums of money to be wired to them. This creates so much anxiety in the entire process and makes the preparation stage very disintegrated. At a point in time, I was made to talk with my supervisor and I tried so much due diligence but was not enough to satisfy my curiosity. I had to gamble, but I got it right if I had it wrong, I should be screwed for life! as my parents will not forgive me. I was also scared by the horrible stories that I read online about some other internship providers and this scared me about scam. I don’t know what CIP could do about it, but I think they must find a way of getting ahead of other providers so more students will know about their programs.

Aside that, CIP is a sweet family to join.

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