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Bonnie kaki Cheng – Australia

CIP’s program has been a great choice and an inspiration allowing me to explore my Finance Career. They are well organized and understand what is required to professionally support students while in China. Tried their Mentoring and Coaching and it was the best I could ever get


Name: Bonnie Kaki Cheng

Course: Bachelor of Commerce (Finance and human resource management)

University: University of Western Australia

Program: Internship – Financial Analyst


I am Happy to review my numerous accomplishments as a Finance Intern on the CIP Program. I was placed in Shanghai with one of the elite firms into Investment Banking and Cross Boarder Investment. I was excited because there was so much going on within the company which allowed me to first hand explore the details most aspects of Finance.

I worked directly with the Associate in charge of preparing companies for IPOs, I had the distinct pleasure of working with and overseeing a variety of initiatives and projects.

Right from the program design stage to execution, CIP remained very cooperative, supportive and professional in communicating with me and my friends.

On arrival, I joined the Company as a Financial Analyst Intern, though I did not have any first-hand experience in such an area, I was given a detailed training and on-the-job support. I was able to complete new and challenging projects at a professional level. As a financial Analyst intern, I was responsible for the financial evaluation and pre-audit work for investment projects. I also took on Evaluation Projects for IPO and OTC/NASDAQ clients. I assisted in the management and organization of Financial projects to assist senior analyst with investment Projects.

Working in one of the fastest changing sectors and within a fast paced environment, my supervisors were at the task.

Overall, the program is great and stands out as one of the best. I sat to compare the experience with other interns who were not on the CIP Program and I am convinced CIP have the best program in China

Supervisor’s Remarks
We are impressed with her performance and can boldly remark that Bonnie’s work left a lasting impact on the department and places her into our top five outstanding interns we have had in the past years. We were impressed with her enthusiasm, communication skills and professional demeanor while on our internship program in China

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