Calvin’s Testimonial

China has been a life-changing experience and CIP could not be more helpful in the process. They are genuinely interested in helping out students achieve their goals. From the moment I step foot in Beijing, a member of the CIP team was already eagerly waiting for my arrival. The team had already planned out detailed itineraries on the first day such as: checking in to my accommodation, opening up a bank account and obtaining a Chinese mobile number.

Beijing was such a culturally rich experience. The juxtaposition between the modern towering skyscraper and the ancient Beijing hutong only a few blocks apart are a sight to behold. My first choice of city was actually Shanghai; however, I am glad that I made the switch to Beijing instead. China’s capital is full of surprises and there are plenty of hidden gems within the city’s small alleyways waiting to be discovered. While it may seem that Beijing is not as international as Shanghai, the expatriates and international students community are tightly knit thus it felt to the contrary.

Studying and interning at a startup firm in China was challenging yet rewarding. I was involved in the making of an international advertisement as a project manager and therefore had to use both the Mandarin language and the English language when facing with local or international clients. The most crucial aspect of my job was to understand both the western culture and the eastern culture; by acknowledging how they differ and by making sure that there is no cultural misunderstanding between the local and the international parties.

One thing that stuck out the most was how technologically advanced China has become. From renting a bike that’s readily available literally on every street with the use of the bike-sharing app to paying a street food vendor using a QR code.

I had learnt more about myself than I did in my own country within a short space of 5 months. The journey I had in Beijing was invaluable and I encourage anyone who is considering studying, teaching or interning abroad in China to go for it and have a life-changing experience through the CIP Internship Platform. I am sure you will love it.

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