Rosemond's Internship in China review


I am yet to discover any program which is much customized and flexible than that of China Internship Placements. It is their hull mark and to me, they look different. I am a Bachelor student and graduated from Stanford University with Finance Major and minored in Asian History. I joined this program to launch my career, add some professional touch to my CV before applying to further my education (MBA). I finally decided to go China for some specific experiences which are just unique to the way of doing business there. I am aware that my demands are too strange as I wanted to work as a Junior Trader /Analyst with the relevant job descriptions. I had just 4 weeks to have this planned. I wasted one week trying to figure this out which agency is right for me and in the process, I discovered CHINA INTERNSHIP PLACEMENTS (CIP).

I ignored the so-called Big Internship providers in China because their contract terms were too strict especially where I had to pay fully for the program without knowing what to expect.

They finally arranged my desired program within 2 weeks and I had to process my visa with express service and got to China.

The company I interned with is a privately held integrated financial services company that enable clients to make effective financial decisions for today and for their retirement. Through direct offers of residential mortgages, investment advisory services, and real estate investment advice they clients’ entire personal balance sheet to improve the outcomes of the financial choices of life. They are located in Shanghai with subsidiaries in Beijing, and six other provinces in China. It is a multinational company belonging to the EverGlory group of companies.

My job descriptions were solid and worth it. I handled Trade client positions using rebalancing software and excel models. Configure Rebalancer for optimum trading recommendations. Reconcile accounts and cost basis daily. Improve systems and processes through programming and innovative thinking throughout the division. Maintain client and prospect databases for request tracking, reporting, and mailings. Support the Director of Research and Portfolio Management. Support Investment management staff and clients, helping to produce a unique Wealth Management experience for clients.

The position gifted me with knowledge about the legal situation in China surrounding Real Estate and Mortgage. With the caliber of networks I have, I can confidently establish my own firm in China. My understanding was well grounded in the field as I served under a supervisor who knew much about the US, Europe, and Australian Market with over 30 years of experience.

It is envious and more than gold to me.

The package for language studies was awesome and worth it. I had a personal language tutor and we planned the lesson hours to not interfere with my internship. I am currently intermediate speaker of Mandarin.

Lessons learned is that nothing gets done properly in China without the necessary connection and Guanxi as referred in the local parlance. It is the oil that lubricates the engines of progress. That was the reason that the companies I contacted could not lead the way to get me what I wanted. China Internship Placements has what it takes. This company is well grounded. Through them, I also had a fair share of my connections.

I will disclose here that I am their campus Ambassador and I have recruited 3 of my school mates who are already in China now. This does not compromise the originality of my review because it is quality service that enticed me to be their brand ambassador.

The program has its own shortfalls just as no organization is perfect. I think they needed to open up more online contacts and visibility because I have no doubt that many young graduates are looking for such an opportunity.

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