William Severen

I love being in China. This is such a pivotal time in this country’s future, and being here to see/feel the change is unmatchable.

I chose CIP because of how big it was and the varieties. I was new to “world traveling” and I wanted to be certain that I would be safe and able to support myself. I heard/read horror stories about visas not being legal, people not getting paid and having to work longer than agreed upon hours. Everything┬áCIP stated in the contract was carried out with no issues. I was beyond grateful for my placement in Shanghai and Beijing, the center in which I worked, the colleagues I worked with and the students I interacted with. I was surprised at how such a large company was able to run like it was a small startup (in a good way).

My only issues stem from how changes are dealt with. Sometimes it is an issue with the government suddenly changing things, but other times it has to do with the company implementation of new ideas. It could be handled better, but since this is the only issue I consider myself lucky. This a great company to enter into China with because it takes so many worries away.

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