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Video Editing / Camera Operator – China Internship Position

About the Company

Video Editing Internship in China! We are a creative production house based in Beijing and Shanghai, operating in China and all over the world. We’ve been creating and producing for clients for 12 years. We create and produce branded content with a strong emphasis on design that serves our visual storytelling. We are proud to collaborate with the finest local and international talent that is creative to the
core. We actively avoid setting boundaries for our team’s roles and encourage all to contribute according to their creative instincts. That means every creative concept is the product of a global team and a myriad of individual talent. We imagine stories and define concepts with you. We then flesh them with still photographies, illustrations and videos. We finally enhance them with 3D animations, motion graphics, music, voices and sound design.

As an intern, you will have access to statistics and strategies useful for your experience. You will also work side by side with the best experts in the industry. We are happy to collaborate with China Internship Placements to recruit the best interns. We provide an adequate Training learning environment for Interns to learn. Qualified participants will be mentored on the job

Main responsibilities

  • Operate film or video camera to record news, live events, films, videos and television broadcasts.
  • Organize the footage.
  • Edit video by the use of Final Cut Pro and/or Premiere.
  • Assist during video and film shooting.


Skills needed

– Knowledge in encoding various sources to any kind of format.
– Proficient video and photographic camera abilities.
– Extremely organized and motivated.
– Proactive attitude and creativity.
– Detail oriented and time efficient
– Good eye and understanding of media and art is a great plus.


Technical skills

– Knowledge of Final Cut Pro & Premiere.
– Knowledge of the Apple environment.
– Basic knowledge of Adobe suite.
– Colors, Combustion.
– Knowledge in 3D software is a strong plus.
– Audio editing apps such as Soundtrack Pro, Sonar, Cubase, Logic, Pro Tools.
– Flash: FLV

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Video Editor / Camera Operator Intern

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