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Embedded Flight Controller Development Engineer in China (Flight controller)

Description of company

our partner company offering this position is  located in China. With expertises in robotics, navigation, geomatics, geodesy, computer networks, they provides products and solution amon g Internet of Things, Multirotors and Embedded Computing. The company delivers value to customers globally with a broad range of embedded system, in terms of mobile robot, mobile multimedia network, mobile navigation system and IoT data logger and cloud-based processing.

Job description


Transplant, modify the core algorithms of flight controller


  1. Bachelor degree or higher
  2. Major: Computer Science/Automatic Control/Aircraft Design/ Telecomm Engineering
  3. Be familiar with mathematic or physics modeling and matrix calculation
  4. 3 years of working experience. Have experience about at least one massive production UAV product.
  5. Be familiar with C/C++ coding and debug (wrote more than 30,000 lines of code, product has been massively produced)
  6. Be familiar with Matlab/Simulink modeling
  7. Be proficient with linear control system, familiar with non-linear control system
  8. Be familiar with several control algorithm and routine planning algorithm
  9. Internship available for students in third or final year of university


  1. Knowledge or experience of pan-tilt motor dynamics modeling or simulation
  2. Knowledge or experience of flight dynamics modeling or simulation
  3. Be able to setup the mathematic model for the control object
  4. Be able to acquire more control or guidance algorithm through self-learning
  5. Excellent time management to finish work before deadline.


  1. Flexible promotion system
  2. National holiday. Paid annual leaves (Higher position, longer annual vacation)
  3. Share incentive plan

Remark: The internship will be more than 3 months

Stipend: 2000RMB-3000RMB

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Embedded Flight Controller Development Engineer in China

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