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Embedded Hardware Engineer in China ( IT Internship)

Description of company 

Our partner company offering this position is  located in China. With expertises in robotics, navigation, geomatics, geodesy, computer networks, they provides products and solution amon g Internet of Things, Multirotors and Embedded Computing. The company delivers value to c ustomers globally with a broad range of embedded system, in terms of mobile robot, mo bile multimedia network, mobile navigation system and IoT datalogger and cloud based processing

Job description 


  1. Design the circuit for embedded control system and PCB layout
  2. Select the chipset and sensor for control circuit
  3. Hardware and reliability testing
  4. Be responsible for DFM


  1. Bachelor degree or higher, Computer Science/Automatic Control/Aircraft Design/ Telecomm Engineering or relevant engineering major
  2. 2+ years’ experience of embedded ARM platform hardware development. Understand the framework and peripheral of ARM.
  3. Experience of 1+ massively manufactured product
  4. Be able to design the hardware based on the embedded platform and test.
  5. Be capable of designing the circuit or product to test sensors and solving problems encountered.
  6. Experience of application design or manufacturing with accelerator, gyrometer and barometer will be a plus
  7. Excellent team work and communication ability. Strong sense of responsibility and enterprise. Good learning capability and be able to work under pressure.
  8. Experience of winning electronics design or aircraft design competition will be a plus
  9. Internship available to students in third or final  year of university 


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Embedded Hardware Engineer in China ( IT Internship)

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