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Financial Engineering Internship Position – China 

About the Company:

As a consulting engineering and commissioning firm committed to innovative designs, sustainable solutions and high-quality services for clients nationwide. We view clients as partners where mutual respect, trust and integrity lead to long-term relationships over multiple projects. We design high-performance building systems and central plants that reduce operating costs while providing quality indoor environmental conditions and optimal user comfort.

Job Responsibilities –

  • Assess the computing needs and system requirements by consulting with users, management, technicians, and vendors
  • Coordinate with the department heads, supervisors, and managers to solicit cooperation and resolve the problems
  • Reviewing of project plans to coordinate project activity and further develop project goals, policies, and procedures
  • Evaluating the organization’s technology use, thus recommending improvements in software applications and hardware instruments
  • Evaluating the data processing proposals and assessing the project feasibility and requirements
  • Other related task

Qualification –

  • Bachelor degree is required (financial engineering, maths, economics, physics, and computer science)
  • Fluent in English
  • Smart, intelligent, and highly creative
  • Hard working, dedicated, and motivated towards the job
  • Ability to initiate effective solution to the problem
  • Expert with mathematical skills and interested in working with numbers
  • Expert communicator with perfect verbal as well as written communication skills
  • Experienced presentations skills and ability to effectively explain models and strategies in detail

More Information    

CIP is affiliated with 500 multinational organizations, 2000 medium sized companies, and over 1000 startup organizations. We take care of the China Internship Visa, Intern Accommodations, Insurance, Career Development / Coaching and other Logistics, Social Activities are built into our internship program to give maximum exposure and immersion into the Chinese Culture. 

Stipend: 2500 – 3000 RMB PER MONTH Plus, Commission  (available).

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Financial Engineering Internship Position – China

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  • Duration: 2 - 12 months
  • Certificates: Yes
  • Students: 0