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Electronic Engineering Internship for University Students and Graduates- Shenzhen

Title:  Electronic Engineer Intern
Duration: Minimum term 3 months – preferred term is 4-6month
Summary: Responsible for designing, testing, and producing a wide variety of electronic and electromechanical products.

This Engineering internship is a solid learning ground for Young graduates and University students looking to gain technical experiences in Electronic Engineering. The Company was established in 1998, they design, develop and manufacture Customized consumer electronic gadgets and allied products. With their headquarters in Danmark, they are well established in China, they are responsible for the entire Value Chain through Design and Development Process from the idea and seeding till the final output. With an extensive Knowledgebase of consumer data and market information from Western and Chinese Markets, they offer boutique services to satisfy all players in the Value Chain.

Get ready to be Challenged beyond your limits as we put you through this learning experience. With adequate mentoring and coaching, you will learn all facets of project management, design, implementation, and manufacturing. You will be working with seasoned Experts in the field who are patient and committed to your success. Apply now for this Engineering Internship


Job Duties include:

  • Design wide array of electronics, and electromechanical systems and products by designing and conducting research programs; using the core concepts of an electronics engineer.
  • Confirms system and product capabilities by designing feasibility and testing methods; testing properties.
  • Develops electronic and electromechanical products by studying customer requirements; researching and testing manufacturing and assembly methods and materials; soliciting observations from operators.
  • Perform a full lifecycle product development (design, develop, test prototypes, manufacture and implement)
  • Comfortably Design components and associated systems that meet client requirements
  • Develop component proposals based on data sheets and scope parameters based on; research, availability and costs.
  • Produce outline designs and prototypes by reading schematics and maintenance manuals.
  • Conducting methodical experiences and analyzing data to interpret results
  • Test and evaluate theoretical designs
  • Identify, formulate and produce effective solutions to emerging problems by directing in field operations and maintenance of electronic assemblies.
  • Evaluate final product’s overall performance, reliability and safety
  • Alter and modify designs to meet requirements and to eliminate malfunctions
  • Develop, test, and supervise the manufacture and assembly of electronics.
  • Estimate budget and scope of the project
  • Able to coordinate with operators and get their reviews of designed components
  • Produce reports and technical documents associated with finished products
  • Ability to engage in new theories and methods for the development of modern technologies and lifelong learning


Skills required:

  • Experience with product lifecycle management (PLM).
  • Hands-on experience with Computer-Aided Engineering (CAE) and Computer-Aided Manufacturing (CAM)
  • Familiarity with 2D or 3D engineering design and manufacturing tools (e.g., AutoCAD, Altium Designer, Eagle, Protel99 or other)
  • Adequate knowledge of engineering analysis tools (Spice, Logisim, Multisim or similar)
  • Mathematical computing and analysis tools knowledge (Matlab, Excel, LabView etc)
  • Solid understanding of core concepts including Analogue electronics, sensors and actuators, digital signal processing, materials science etc.
  • Analytical and creative skills
  • Ability to communicate technical ideas in an unambiguous and understandable manner
  • Technical writing skills
  • BSc degree in Engineering

This is an internship in China and placement is needed ASAP and urgently.


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Electronic Engineering Internship for University Students and Graduates in Shenzhen

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  • Duration: 3-6 Months
  • Certificates: Yes
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