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Power Electronics and Vehicle Control Systems PCB Designer


Job Description

The PCB design will be required to create schematics and PCB layouts of  electrical control systems, vehicle control systems, motor control units and battery management systems used in  future motorcycle
The engineer will be responsible for initial component selection, SPICE simulation, schematic design, BOM optimization, PCB layout and optimization as well as final PCB documentation. The engineer will also ensure that the design is meets the temperature, vibration and power consumption requirements given by the vehicle development team.
The engineer will also work with the PCB and SMT supplier to ensure that the design is understood correctly. The job requires people with strong layout skills, good knowledge of electrical components, familiar with power electronic control systems as well automotive electronics design.



  • Create PCB schematic
  • Create PCB SPICE simulations
  • Create and optimize BOM
  • Create PCB layout and PCB trace design
  • Design final GERBER files and component placement files
  • Create PCB board documentation and production test process
  • Work with the production team on testing procedures and production process to ensure that the design is produced correctly are made correctly.


Skills Needed

  • Strong PCB designs skills with Kicad
  • Experience with high speed trace design
  • Experience with PCB high voltage component design
  • Experience with BOM creation and BOM optimization
  • Experience with STM32, ESP32 and Atmega microcontroller family
  • Experience with CAN, UART, I2C and high speed SPI systems
  • Experience with high frequency RF systems is a plus
  • Good at working with teams and communicating well with them. Able to explain easily what situations to people of different careers and backgrounds.


About the Host Company

The host company is an Auto / Vehicle design, manufacture, and engineering company. They are the latest in smart vehicles, motorcycles which are safer, environmentally friendly all the while being easily accessible to those with a desire to ride regardless of skill level.
Through purpose-built technologies and always on, always connected systems, they achieve a perfect balance between hardware and software by integrating fully into Proprietary Electronic and Chargeable Batteries and powertrain systems offering the rider excitement, safety and comfort which speaks to the soul.
By simplifying the riding mechanics and integrating smart technology, They have also greatly reduced the rider’s learning curve while eliminating expensive maintenance costs and dependencies on fossil fuel. They are unlocking the electric lifestyle through a stylish brand, beautiful riding machines, simplified riding experience and vastly enhanced safety.

Our smart motorcycles and vehicles embody the future of motorcycling and embrace the electric lifestyle!

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