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General Manager Assistant in China (Accounting internship)

Description of company

Our partner company offering this position is  located in China. With expertises in robotics, navigation, geomatics, geodesy, computer networks, they provides products and solution amon g Internet of Things, Multirotors and Embedded Computing. The company delivers value to c ustomers globally with a broad range of embedded system, in terms of mobile robot, mo bile multimedia network, mobile navigation system and IoT datalogger and cloud based processing

Job description


  1. Handle any accounting work
  2. Assist to do administrative work
  3. Assist to establish relationships with investors and partners
  4. Prepare PPT and draft patent documents
  5. Manage documentary archive
  6. Assist to manage daily operation
  7. Assist to arrange general manager’s schedule and conduct KPI assessment
  8. Be in charge of the management of Accounting Department
  9. Setup and modify the regulation of Accounting Department
  10. Be responsible for writing the report of budge. Be in charge of cash and assets management. Draft monthly/quarterly/annual financial report and explain the operation situation to the management
  11. Be responsible for any issues related to authorities or institutes (e.g. tax bureau, banks)


  1. Bachelor degree or higher, major: Accounting/Finance, 3+ years experience of accounting
  2. Have the qualification of Medium Level Accountant. Be familiar with the policies and laws about accounting and tax
  3. Second degree of IT/Engineering/Business/Management will be a plus
  4. Have interest in UAV and robotics technology
  5. Strong work passion, patience and efficiency
  6. Strong time management to finish work before deadline


  1. Flexible promotion system
  2. National holiday. Paid annual leaves (Higher position, longer annual vacation)
  3. Share incentive plan

Remark: Internship period is more than 3 months

 Stipend available

  1. Stephanie Zhu April 30, 2017 at 12:47 am - Reply

    I recently finished my master study of Professional Accounting and I have another Human Resource Management master degree as well. My previous 2 years’ experience in the retailing industry has empowered me to the basic bookkeeping and reconciliation knowledge, and the stock management and maintenance experience as well. At the same time, I improve a lot with the communication skills and quality of customer service. My experience as an intern assistant accountant in Platinum Accounting also enabled me to develop more knowledge on the operation of accounting software to deal with the practical company profiles with MYOB and XERO. I am confident, dynamic, a quick learner and have a positive attitude. I am planning to have CPA course in future and I am sure that my abilities and contributions will ensure a good corporate fit and provide enhancements to the organisation.

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General Manager Assistant in China

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