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Sales Representative in China (Internship)

Description of company

The host company serves the world’s businesses as an integrated global manufacturer, exporter, and supplier with offices and subsidiaries located throughout Asia, Europe, Australia, and the Americas. the company manufactures a wide-array of value-added Metal Products,Building Systems,Shipping Containers, and Machinery. the company prides itself on being a leader in both material manufacturing and process innovation

Job description


 Promote the marketing and salesof company products and services in an international basis

 Develop sales and marketing strategies.Create and update marketing campaigns as changes to business requirements dictate

 Train local sales and marketing staff in foreign markets

 Pursue business development and negotiations; Manage customer relationships

 Translate and support other departments if necessary

 Enchase marketing on local markets and operating on social networks

 Welcome tomake suggestions and implement creativity

 Communicate with target audience in Social Media

 Research, create, and write content that is specific to the company’s strategic marketing goals

 Participate in the decision-making process make suggestions and implement creative ideas

 Develop B2B platforms

Qualifications and Skills

 Bachelor’s Degree or above

 Preferred Degree in Civil Engineering, International Trade, International Relations, Economics, Communication, and other related degrees

 Native Speaker of English or Fluent in English.Good command of both English and Mandarin is an advantage, but only English is mandatory.

 Being fluent in other foreign languages (Portuguese,Hindi, Arabic, Polish, Spanish, French, German, etc) is an advantage.

 Quick Thinker, Good Interpersonal Skills, Strong Problem Solving Skills with a Strong Analytical Mind

 Ability to work efficiently under pressure within a given timeframe; Must be able to thrive in a very fast paced environment

 Creative thinking and ability to work in a multicultural team

 Excellent written and oral communication skills

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  1. Abhirup Banerjee October 20, 2017 at 4:20 pm - Reply


    I’m interested for this internship and sending my application.

    Best Regards,

    Abhirup Banerjee

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Sales Representative in China (Internship)

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