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Social Media Marketing Associate in China (Internship)

Description of company

The host company  is a boutique media and event management agency working with international clients in China. Founded in 2010, with the mission to inspire greatness, build a trusted network and create shareable experiences. Our clients include local community partners and multinational brands seeking to increase their profile and activate online and offline in China

Job description

Potential Responsibilities

Event Management

● Support on developing, producing and delivering projects from the concept to implementation phases

● Communicate and adhere to the timelines and priorities stated on each project

● Maintain and grow client relationships

● Create event flyers and other marketing-related visuals.

● Assistance with visual elements of event production.

● Social Media Content Creation – manage and post on company and client social media accounts (local and international social media sites)

● Work closely with social media team to create coherent and effective web and print promotions.

● Assistance with printing process.

● Strategic Network Growth: Strike up conversations at networking events and on weekends to generate new leads with target clients, bloggers, editors and key opinion leaders.

● Industry Trend Investigator: Keep your ear out on the ground and on social media for new trends, venue openings, competitors, apps, etc.

Preferred Key Competencies:

● Student or recent graduate of marketing, graphic design or related field.

● Native English speaker with basic Chinese skills

● Strong interest in the event and media industry
● Experienced with Social Media platforms

● Experienced with using Microsoft Office

● Basic knowledge of Photoshop

● Good eye for color, design and typography with strong creative skills in branding.

● Ability to multitask and meet short deadlines.

● Open-minded approach to work.


  1. Jiane Benslimane December 12, 2017 at 2:16 pm - Reply


    As a passionate copywriter and content marketing specialist, my love for words is borderline creepy.

    I enjoy the candlelit dinners with the etymology of
    « sauté », but save the starry night with a six-syllabi- synonym for « boorish ».
    I practice the Rule of Three, I believe in quantum physics and I am a student of the craft. I sleep with Plato, sneak off with Shakespeare, rake tea with Majorana and pray at the altar of Strunk & White. With every fiber of my being, I am a writer.

    Sir, Lady,
    would you give my pens and pencils the honor to write your story ?

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Social Media Marketing Internship

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