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For our China office in Guangzhou we look for a Sr. or Jr. Marketing manager and researcher that supports the creative team with directions and our strategic team to create background information. Ideally you are diligent and able to switch easily between Chinese and English, both written and spoken. You are not a translator, but a cultural filter for interpretation and sensitive nuances between western and marketing cultures


One of the World’s largest service providers in the areas of public relations, sponsorships, event planning, product placement, marketing plans, and promotional strategies. Offering services to our clients such as website development, electronic press kits, and video production. We take pride in having a cutting edge in comparison to other marketing companies and stay abreast of the latest technology provided to market our clients, boasting a staff comprised of experienced multimedia specialists.


  • Conduct in-depth market analysis in Chinese and English
  • Provide background data on industry developments
  • Write marketing planning for the Chinese market
  • Allocate trends and developments for a wide industry range
  • Understand A wide range of marketing principle to underbuilt brand strategies
  • Work in Digital strategies for ecommerce and digital marketing


  • Skilled in AI/PS/SW (or Pro-E)/Word/Excel/InDesign
  • Proven skills in Excel/Word/AI/PS
  • Fluent spoken / written English (Chinese is a plus)
  • Well organized and detail oriented
  • Marketing, B2B Marketing, B2C Marketing, Digital Marketing
  • Good in copy writing and translate western concepts to Chinese context

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CIP is affiliated with 500 multinational organizations, 2000 medium sized companies, and over 1000 startup organizations. We take care of the China Internship Visa, Intern Accommodations, Insurance, Career Development / Coaching and other Logistics, Social Activities are built into our internship program to give maximum exposure and immersion into the Chinese Culture. 

Stipend: 2500 – 3000 RMB PER MONTH Plus, Commission (available).

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  • Duration: 2 - 12 months
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